Welcome! These pages have been created as a place to share information on the Indian diaspora in New Zealand, to introduce my research, and as a resource for Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) that are currently living in New Zealand. This site contains links to Indian organisations and associations, a bibliography of published resources on the Indian Diaspora in New Zealand, and a Discussion link to allow "Wikispaces" members to post topics related to the Indian diaspora. These links can be found by clicking on the appropriate link in the navigation bar at the left. In the future, I plan to add pages that would include basic statistical information on the Indian diaspora, and I will post relevant news and updates of interest to this community. Please feel free to bookmark this page and come back and visit often as I update these pages regularly. I'd also welcome your suggestions for improvements to this site. Many thanks for your help!

If you are a person of Indian origin and currently living in New Zealand, please take the anonymous, web-based questionnaire by clicking on this "Take Survey" link here, or in the left-side navigation bar.

This link provides further information on the survey so that you may read about the questionnaire before you take it. The survey should take about 15-20 minutes to complete.
DEC 2015: This survey is now closed. Many thanks for participating!



20 Oct 2015: PhD Graduation ceremony.
31 July 2015: Gave presentation entitled: "Earliest Indian Presence and Settlement in Aotearoa: Minority invisibility and implications for the multicultural discourse" at Victoria University.
2 July 2015: Done! It's finally out there! Towards a framework of deep diversity: identity and invisibility in the Indian diaspora in New Zealand. Available for download at: <>.
28 May 2015: successfully completed oral defense of PhD Thesis.
April 2015: Presented new evidence of earliest Indian presence in New Zealand at the New Zealand Indian Research Institute workshop entitled "Indian Migration to the Pacific and Indian Ocean States" in Christchurch, 15 April. Details can be found at <>.
January 2015: submitted final draft of PhD Thesis: "Towards a Framework of Deep Diversity: Identity and Invisibility in the Indian Diaspora in New Zealand" for external examination
October 2014: article about my research on early Indian presence in New Zealand appears in Indian Weekender, 24 Oct 2014. <>.
July 2014: Presented evidence of first Indian presence in 1769 at the New Zealand-India Diaspora Convention, 26 July, in Auckland. The convention was also organised in collaboration with AUT Business School, ANZ Bank, and the India New Zealand Business Council, sponsored by the NZIRI (New Zealand India Research Institute).
August 2013: Presented a paper on "Demography of the Indian Population in New Zealand" at the first New Zealand India Research Institute Conference at Victoria University in Wellington 28-29 August 2013.
October 2012: Presented a paper on early Maori-Indian encounter history (1794-1860) at the first Maori-Indian hui in Rotorua 5-7 October 2012.
May 2012: More results from the survey were presented at the 4th NZ Hindu Conference, Sudima Hotel in Mangere, Auckland, 12-13 May 2012.

December 2011: Preliminary results of the survey have recently been presented at the annual ANZ Diwali function in Auckland 2 November 2011 and the Population Association of New Zealand (PANZ) conference 28 November 2011. I will be writing up the analysis in 2012-2013. I am available to give presentations of these survey results to Indian community groups and organisations throughout New Zealand. Drop me an email by clicking here if you are interested.

May 2010: An article about the research written by Shri Venkat Raman appears in the 1 May 2010 issue of Indian Newslink and can be read by clicking here.

About the researcher:

Todd Nachowitz completed his PhD (2015) in Political Science and Public Policy at the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand. His thesis, entitled Toward a framework of deep diversity: identity and invisibility in the Indian diaspora in New Zealand is available for download in pdf format at <>. His interest in South Asia began over 35 years ago as an undergraduate student in the USA. He completed his BA in South Asian Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA). He also attended Banaras Hindu University (B.H.U.) in Varanasi, UP, India, and later conducted fieldwork for his Masters degree in Development Anthropology from Syracuse University (New York, USA) on indigenous resistance to large-scale development projects in India, focusing on the Tehri and Narmada dam projects. Todd is also a student of Indian classical music, and speaks Hindi and Urdu. Since 1980, Todd has spent over 10 years living and studying in South Asia, working in the fields of cross-cultural education, language training, and conservation. He has lived in Varanasi, India (1980-1981, 1985-1988), Lahore, Pakistan (1983-1984, 1991-1992), & Kathmandu, Nepal (1992-1995) and continues to make regular visits to the Subcontinent. Since December 1995, Todd has lived and worked in New Zealand as the Academic Director for an undergraduate programme in biodiversity and conservation, based at the University of Waikato. He currently lectures part-time in the Studies in Religion programme at the University of Waikato, is the Centre Establishment Coordinator for the Religious Diversity Centre in Auckland, and is the Secretary of the Waikato Interfaith Council.

You can contact todd directly by clicking here.

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